With the required depth of resources, contacts and commitment to look after each component of a project, Synthesis ensures that the owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision. Below is feedback from some of our clients and project team members that testifies to this.

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Chuck Foster
Chief of Staff
Chesapeake Bay Foundation

“Synthesis realized that this was the biggest project we would ever do and that we wanted to do it right. Other firms seemed to be all about banging out the job and were not looking at the owners as partners. In hindsight, with so many moving pieces, the financing, the different expectations from stakeholders, hiring Synthesis was the best decision we made.”

Henry Posko
Humanim, Inc.

“We are already looking at another project. But we won’t consider moving ahead with it unless Synthesis is involved.

As our Owner’s Rep, Synthesis provides the knowledge and experience to follow the process from beginning to end while we know how to work with foundations and corporations to raise the funds. They are the folks who are truly making the project a success by dotting the Is and crossing the Ts; worrying about soft costs and hard costs; running the numbers constantly; and walking us weekly through the construction process.

We are clearly a team and I am not sure we could do any subsequent projects without them. Whether it is change orders, requests for information from the architects, finances, or an operational perspective: they have all the pieces.

Our relationship goes beyond this project – they understand this program and they know what our needs are. What sets them apart is that they are an extension of our board of directors so it doesn’t feel like a client supplier situation. They are our advocates: we take them to meet with heads of foundations, owners of construction companies and presidents of banks. They come to board meetings and often make the presentations. The level of integrity they bring to the table gives our board the level of comfort that what they say is true and if they say they will do it, it will get done.”

Alan Dirican
Former Deputy Director, Operations & Capital Planning
Baltimore Museum of Art

“Because of the complexity, size and high profile of this project, we needed a sophisticated Owners Representative. Based on several architects’ recommendations, Synthesis was added to the short list of candidates for the job. Its quick understanding of both the multi-faceted project and the culture of the institution along with the personality and demeanor of its principals made it the unanimous choice by the Board’s selection committee.

I would hire Synthesis again without any hesitation. All the partners are delightful to work with and complement each other well as a team. I have never worked with a firm that gave such a huge personal commitment to a job. They are always there when you need them. They absolutely understand and commit to a project’s goals, budget constraints and deadlines and know how to meet them.

Also important is their ability to help all parties reach consensus on difficult decisions calmly so that no one is exhausted at the end of the process.”

Marge Burba
Executive Director and Founder,
Winter Growth Adult Day Care and Assisted Living Centers

“Synthesis worked as the Project Manager both with the architect and the construction company. They made sure that we ended up with Centers that meet the needs of our adults. I find them to be very intuitive about people needs. They ask good questions about programming requirements and then are able to put those in terms that the design and construction team can understand. They really can translate human service needs into design speak.

They defined our needs in terms that could go into the construction documents. They reviewed the designs to see if we were getting what we said we needed and they made sure that the project was held to the budget and the timeline.

They also saved us money by keeping a close eye on the value engineering process. For example, they knew that we wanted as much natural light as possible for health reasons and they helped us make good economical choices on windows that allow maximum light.

I would absolutely recommend Synthesis. It is like having a knowledgeable friend in the room.”

Jacqueline M. Carrera
Former President & CEO
Parks & People Foundation

“The Druid Hill Park project that Synthesis has done with Parks & People is as much their success as ours. We couldn’t have done it without Synthesis and specifically, Bob Hedden.

This was a complex project on many levels. Not only for us but even our Board chair, a developer, said it was one of the most complicated projects he’d ever worked on. It involved city-owned property, multiple funding sources (city, state, and federal government grants and tax credits; foundation, corporate and individual support), renovation of historic buildings, the design and construction of a new building and extensive site work that combined will meet the highest level of environmental design, LEED Platinum.

We needed a project manager with enough experience to help us put together all the pieces of the puzzle. Synthesis was the clear choice among other candidates because of its experience with similar complicated projects with historic and environmental goals and a complicated financing plan.

Having worked closely with them, I am grateful to have Synthesis as our owner representative and consider them to be nothing less than a full partner with us. They handled our project as if it was their own. We have absolute trust that our interests are paramount whenever they represent us. We worked primarily with Bob Hedden who is calm, thoughtful and patient. His time on the project allowed me to oversee this project while also doing my job directing the day to day operations of the organization.

Their engineering backgrounds add more value. We saw first-hand how that, coupled with creative thinking, resulted in design and planning efficiencies, cost reductions and a better result overall. Customer service across the whole company is great. They were timely, thorough and very responsive to our questions, concerns and needs.

In short, Synthesis inspires confidence every step of the way.”

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