With the required depth of resources, contacts and commitment to look after each component of a project, Synthesis ensures that the owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision. Below is feedback from some of our clients that testifies to this.

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David Piraino
Executive Vice President
Catholic Relief Services 

“Jim brought reality to the project. At one point things were getting off track and he held people’s feet to the fire in the most constructive and collaborative way. The project got back on schedule and was completed on time and close to budget.

I don’t think we could have done it any better, quicker or cheaper than we did it with Synthesis. I would absolutely insist on using them again and so would my president and my staff. Our culture is a very collaborative one and Jim’s fit was excellent. I would recommend Synthesis to anybody and everybody.”

Marcy Cathey
Former Head of School
Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School

“They are not only highly professional and skilled but also creative, dynamic and innovative in a way that makes possible things that you did not think were possible.”

“My primary job is to run a school and I have been able to continue to focus on that while Synthesis uses their contacts and expertise to navigate the process. I have recommended Synthesis for several other jobs including some with the Diocese of Washington because I feel so strongly about their ability to do what needs to be done.”

Tom Goss
Former Assistant Head for Operations
Washington Latin Public Charter School

“I think the world of Synthesis. They are level headed, they process information fairly and they have the client’s best interests at heart. There is no other agenda.

Often you work with project managers who insert their own preferences into the process. Jim Truby and his team are great at orchestrating the whole project team with the clients’ goals and end product in mind.

I liked that they are realistic when they know something can’t be done. It is very helpful to have people on the team who can arbitrate from a rational, not an emotional, viewpoint. I highly recommend Synthesis. Quite simply, you will end up with a better product.”

Bishop John Shol
United Methodist Church Maryland-DC Conference

“Synthesis worked with us on several projects of different sizes and complexities. Our projects came in on time and under budget because of their leadership. While Jim worked closely with us, we also had access to the full team. They are consummate professionals, develop a good working team, advocate for the owners interests and needs and ensure a quality project. On a couple of occasions, the project would stall for a variety of reasons, but Jim was able to get things on track and keep it moving. Synthesis saved us money, helped us meet all of our goals and achieve quality products.”

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