With the required depth of resources, contacts and commitment to look after each component of a project, Synthesis ensures that the owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision. Below is feedback from some of our clients that testifies to this.

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Bob Duggan
Former President
Tai Sophia Institute

“What we quickly realized was that without Synthesis, we would have been totally stuck in the water. We recovered Synthesis’ fee in what we saved on staff time and construction savings.

But even more than that, Synthesis helped us to communicate with the design and construction people helping us to think through the project the way we wanted.  We had no idea how to express what we wanted. It was as though Synthesis was expertly translating an ongoing conversation between Chinese and English speaking people. They understood the constraints of the construction business and they understood that we were looking to maximize our limited budget.”

“I would absolutely recommend Synthesis in every way.”

Marilyn Balcombe
Former Director
BlackRock Center for the Arts

“We hired Synthesis to work with our volunteer building committee and I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. Jim was our liaison to the architect and builder and our translator and cost saver. Quite simply, we could not have done this without Synthesis and Jim.

I would recommend them one hundred percent with no qualms whatsoever. They were always there for us: it is quite amazing how much service we got. Hiring Synthesis was the most important money we spent.”

Wendy J. Ingram
Executive Director, Operations and Human Resources
Bridgeway Community Church

“Unless you have a background in construction management, not just project management, and unless you have been through a big project and understand specifications, how to deal with vendors and subs, know the county regulations, and are able to talk to inspectors, you want Synthesis. They translate everything into layman terms and help you work through it.

I think the project would have taken longer, cost more, and been more of a headache if Synthesis hadn’t been involved. I would definitely recommend them.”

Mark McKenna
Project Executive, Turner Construction Company
Catholic Relief Services New World Headquarters

“It has been several months since we completed the final phase of the fit out on the above project, but I just wanted to drop a line expressing my thanks for the leadership that you brought to the project. I do not typically write these letters, however in this instance, I feel that this notice is well deserved. I have worked on many large scale interior projects. However, I cannot remember a time when the Construction Manager played a more pivotal role in the Construction process, adding real value to the overall project deliverable.

The construction of the Atrium and co-ordination of the Electrical & HVAC trades within a tight timescale presented several logistical challenges. Added to this was the installation of the furniture system and a new telephone and data backbone all with a LEED requirement, a significant challenge.

Throughout the entire process, the professionalism and leadership that you exhibited was exemplary which culminated in a project delivered on time and within budget.

It should also be noted that the Catholic Relief Services project received several recognition awards for best interiors project notably from the American Institute of Architects, the Association of General Contractors and the Commercial Real Estate Development Association (NAIOP).”

Lou Ghitman
Director of Interior Architecture
Design Collective, Inc.
Lead Architect on the Catholic Relief Services Project

“I think the world of Synthesis. They are level headed, they process information fairly and they have the client’s best interests at heart. There is no other agenda.

Often you work with project managers who insert their own preferences into the process. They are great at orchestrating the whole project team with the clients’ goals and end product in mind.

I liked that they are realistic when they know something can’t be done. It is very helpful to have people on the team who can arbitrate from a rational, not an emotional, viewpoint. I highly recommend Synthesis. Quite simply, you will end up with a better product.”

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