With the required depth of resources, contacts and commitment to look after each component of a project, Synthesis ensures that the owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision. Below is feedback from some of our clients that testifies to this.

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Bill Balfour
President of Board
Irvine Nature Center

“Whatever Irvine paid Synthesis, it did not cover Bob Hedden’s personal devotion to this project. I am profoundly grateful.”

Andrea Ingram
Executive Director
Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center

“This was an unusual project inasmuch as the county was going to own the building which was built with a non-profit raising all the funds, managing the design and overseeing construction. It had never been done before in Howard County. Synthesis became an absolutely essential part of our team and was with us every step of the way.

Tom King was our guy and there is no one better than Tom. More than partners, Synthesis was a part of our team and there was a great deal of mutual respect. Synthesis saw its role as working for us and being our advocates and they were very respectful of our wishes and preferences while providing the expertise to make it all happen.

I was amazed at how complicated it all was. Working with contractors, writing RFPs, understanding the county process, Synthesis walked with us every step of the way. At one point, we were having weekly phone conferences with 15 people just to sort out the details of a complex grant.

Tom also helped us figure out how to do things in the most cost-effective manner. In one three-hour session, he helped us to knock $400,000 off the cost of the building and he worked with contractors and suppliers he had relationships with to get us better prices and products.”

Dick Hesse
Chief Operating Officer
Maryland Science Center

“I would recommend them and would add that unless this is something you have been through before and unless you are comfortable relying on what the contractor says, you need someone like Synthesis who represents your best interests and is a member of your team and your advocate. I would certainly hire Synthesis again.”

Dana Stein
Executive Director
Civic Works

“We originally thought we could manage the project ourselves. It didn’t take long to change our minds. True to the name, Synthesis pulled all the strands of the project together. The biggest benefit was the overall organization brought to the endeavor as a whole. From budget management to scheduling to permitting to making sure everything was going well with our contractors, Synthesis knew exactly what needed to be done and how to keep it all under control and on track.

In addition, they are skilled communicators, explaining all issues clearly and in as much detail as we needed so we could make informed decisions with confidence. They are equally good making presentations to our Board and funders. They are also real problem-solvers. We had complications with the federal and state historic and new market tax credits that were vital to our funding sources. Synthesis helped iron out these issues. It took a while but they are calm, tenacious and patient when working through problems.

They made us feel we were more than a client to them; that they really like and support what we do. As professionals, they are terrific and, as people, they are good guys.”

Dennis Schrader
Former Vice President, Project Planning and Development
University of Maryland Medical System

“Part of my project management philosophy is that you need people cradle to grave. It is hard to have a manager join the project halfway in. All the phases are interrelated and problems happen at the hand-off stage between phases. It’s human nature: if you have a tough problem in one phase and you are leaving, you might not pay the same attention to it as you will if you are going to own the back end of it.

Synthesis contributed tremendous value to UMMC projects because they are reliable, they understand our business objectives, they help us to be cost effective, and they make sure the project stays on time.

I would absolutely recommend them. When people wonder why they would pay an “Owner’s Rep when they can do it themselves, I tell them that anyone can fly the plane straight. But do you want to be in the cockpit when the contractor starts fighting with the architect or a supplier is late with deliveries? Many CEOs have lost their jobs because of bad building projects. Synthesis stays ten steps ahead of the process and makes sure everyone is playing their roles properly. That’s invaluable!”

Joanne Riley
Vice President, Ambulatory Services
University of MD Medical Center

“Synthesis was the Project Manager, who identified the architect and subs and, with all of us combined, created the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Ambulatory Center. Synthesis has worked with UMMC on many projects and has added value to each.

I have personally worked with both Bob Hedden at UniversityCare and with Jim Truby and they are both great. Bob held us to both deadline and budget on the Cancer Outreach Project and he was excellent working with the physicians and academics who wanted to delve into the review process ad nauseam. He helped us identify what we needed and he made sure that all participants’ thoughts were input. Amazingly, the result pleased everyone.

I would tell anyone that they won’t go wrong if they select Synthesis as their partner on a project.”

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