With a history as broad as ours at Synthesis, we have run into many projects that have had a need for specialized equipment not found in the typical building.  Often, this equipment requires that the building design and/or the construction process be adapted to accommodate the particular demands specified by the equipment suppliers or a given technology.

Special consideration may have to be given to issues as diverse as radiation shielding, load capacity of floors, floor leveling, dimensions of and rigging for access paths for equipment movement, electrical capacity, power backup, renewable energy systems, soundproofing or acoustic control, degree of dust control or air movement or exhaust, water treatment, lighting levels and lighting controls.

We don’t have to be experts in each type of equipment or technology, but we make sure that firms or individuals who are experts are included as needed on the project team and we manage their involvement and outputs.

Synthesis has successfully incorporated hi-tech imaging equipment in medical facilities, acoustical controls and electronic and communication devices in recording studios, one-of-a-kind equipment in industrial facilities, up-to-date lighting and sound systems in thrust stage and black box theaters and specialized lighting in art museum galleries.

Below are some of our Specialized Equipment projects: