Because of the important community services provided by our non-profit clients, many of their building projects have been developed in close cooperation with various levels of government. This cooperation goes beyond funding through grants, bonds or loans by local, state and federal programs. A surprising number of our projects have actually involved governmental owned land and/or buildings operated under a long term lease by our clients.

For instance, the Baltimore Museum of Art is owned by the City of Baltimore but leased to the Museum. The Parks and People Foundation Headquarters is a City-owned land and building at Druid Hill Park. The Civic Works Headquarters at Clifton Mansion has a similar arrangement with the City. Synthesis aided all of these organizations to develop or renovate their buildings and worked with the City as necessary to make it happen.

We have worked with similar relationships in other jurisdictions outside the City of Baltimore. Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center is actually a Howard County owned building on county property. Synthesis represented Grassroots as the tenant in that building.

The BlackRock Center for the Arts was developed in relationship with the City of Germantown in Montgomery County. Also in Montgomery County, Synthesis aided the Support Center, an adult-day care facility, to renovate its portion of a former County-owned school building.

Below are some of our Public-Private Partnership projects: