Synthesis in general does not develop conventional residential buildings. However, we have provided Project Management and Owner’s Representative services for a variety of Specialized Housing projects.  Each has special characteristics and requirements depending on the population they serve.  Among these projects are assisted living and specialized nursing facilities, elder and disabled day care, homeless and protective shelters, supportive housing and low income housing.  Synthesis has aided clients operating these kinds of facilities both to build new buildings and to renovate existing ones.

Most Specialized Housing projects usually need keen attention paid to accessibility and security.  Medical services offered on site may require consultation rooms with diagnostic equipment.  In addition to the residents’ own living spaces, commercial kitchens, common areas and offices for support staff are often additional features.

Community relations can be an important factor influencing whether these projects get built where the client wants them.  Synthesis has helped clients communicate with concerned groups, organizing and facilitating community meetings and developing written material to disseminate and build acceptance and consensus.

Financing several types of Specialized Housing projects frequently involves working with different levels of government to access special funding programs.  Synthesis has significant experience assisting clients working with government funding programs as well as foundations, capital campaigns, private donors and other contributors.

Below are some of our Specialized Housing projects: