We, at Synthesis, feel a strong kinship with organizations who work to promote a community’s connection to the natural environment.  These connections may be demonstrated through nature centers, environmental education and advocacy, science education, research and museums, parks and outdoor activities.  Synthesis has various clients who focus on each of these.

They are a source of pride for their communities and often have a strong connection to the site where their facility will be located.  The organization and the community share a desire that the architecture fit appropriately into and enhance the landscape.  It almost goes without saying how important it is that any building they occupy be built or renovated to high green standards if possible.   However, like most non-profits, budgets are always a concern.

Because many have a strong educational component of their mission, exhibition spaces and installations are common, many of them interactive.  Examples from our clients include wildlife biology, astronomy, marine ecosystems, physics and general ecology.  Classrooms, event spaces, audio-visual systems, administrative offices and storage facilities are all often required.

Below are some of our Science & the Environment projects: