Religious organizations have their own special challenges when it is time to renovate, expand or relocate. In many cases, they must rely on projections of future contributions of their members to help establish a realistic project budget.  This means that good cost estimates must be developed early and tight control of project costs must be maintained.

Frequently, decision-making is diffused across a group of people including the head cleric and a leadership team consisting of various members of the organization. An Owner’s Representative must recognize and understand the individual “culture” of the organization and how to make it work to accomplish the project at hand.

Synthesis has guided organizations representing many faith traditions through the development process. Often this has involved helping to renovate churches that continue to be used and occupied during the construction process. On some occasions, we have been engaged to help a partially completed but struggling project to get “back on track” and bring it to a successful finish.

Synthesis has also assisted religious organizations in building “non-worship” facilities that aid their overall mission for community service or that provide central office facilities for administrative functions.

Below are some of our Religious projects: