Our cultural institution clients have had very different building needs. One built a brand new facility on an undeveloped site. Another expanded its existing building by adding a new, modern wing that was integrated with the old. A third upgraded, renovated and restored its existing historic building.

Many such projects involve construction in or adjacent to occupied exhibition, performance, administrative or storage spaces. We work with the contractors and owner’s personnel to minimize the impact on visitors and patrons and of the continuous on-going operation of the museum or theatre and of the building itself.

We understand how critical mechanical and lighting systems are to museums and performance spaces. Our professionals include engineers who review the work from the design calculation through execution stages for temperature, humidity and dust control, as well as lighting, emergency power generation, vibration control, security and fire safety.

Developing these types of spaces usually involves the management of large and complex project teams. Synthesis has demonstrated successful experience managing teams on highly visible projects that have included architects, construction managers, civil engineers and multiple consultants with expertise in mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, retail design and operations, graphics, exhibit design and installation, landscaping, IT, AV, telecoms, acoustics and lighting.

Below are some of our Museums & Performing Arts projects: