Synthesis has aided its healthcare clients to develop a broad range of facilities, including hospitals and medical centers, in-patient and out-patient units, ambulatory clinics, community health centers, rehabilitation centers, long term care facilities and medical office buildings.

We understand the unique and evolving demands of the health care industry.  For instance, we have extensive experience ensuring that the power, precision and shielding requirements imposed by the latest medical technology applications – MRIs, CAT scan, x-ray, LINACS and radiology equipment –  are adequately addressed. 

We have handled successfully the challenges faced in all stages of development in occupied, existing buildings with on-going operations, new construction and also in the adaptive reuse of existing buildings for new medical functions.  Synthesis has worked with larger institutions to identify required “enabling actions,” relocation plans and critical adjacencies, as well as structural and infrastructure limitations. 

We understand the importance of following strict Dust and Infection Control Procedures during the construction process and the implications of a changing regulatory and code environment. 

Equally important, we bring an understanding of the dynamics of medical facility administration and physician relationships and the critical need for communication with everyone who will be affected by the changes during all development stages to define project requirements and see it through to optimal solutions.

Below are some of our Healthcare projects: