Our Community Services clients are those who may not fit conveniently into other categories. They perform a broad range of functions. Workforce development, crisis intervention, counseling, adult day care and community meeting spaces are among those we have helped. They frequently start in small spaces that no longer meet their wants and needs once they have built up a positive momentum within the community.

Many Community Services organizations have serious budget constraints. At the same time, a new or renovated space can help them raise their profile in the community, improve the quality of the services they deliver, benefit the staff morale and reduce operating costs. Synthesis’s expert knowledge of all aspects of the development process coupled with our unrelenting attention to cost, schedule, and quality control has contributed to their success.

Sometimes our clients need to build local community support for these projects before they can start building. Synthesis has helped organize effective outreach programs to bring the community on board.

Below are some of our Community Services projects: