Project Description


Ruth Keeton House
Columbia, Maryland


Winter Growth Inc. owns and operates three adult day care and assisted living centers for seniors and disabled adults. Ruth Keeton House is one of these and is home to 16 full time residents challenged by chronic or age-related health problems.

Winter Growth’s philosophy that buildings are important therapeutic tools is reflected here. Each space is designed to promote independence, a calming atmosphere, engagement in the residential community and to encourage safe walking exercise. All buildings have high levels of natural and full spectrum lighting to assist the visually impaired and help elevate moods. Wide hallways, handrails and a constant elevation deter falls and allow residents with mobility assistive devices to move about easily. Single color carpeting throughout also aids mobility by avoiding misperception of depth changes that can occur with color changes. Enclosed interconnected courtyards provide protective and inviting spaces.

This 11,000 square foot single story new building contains bedrooms for 16 residents, staff and nursing offices, dining and food preparation areas, a great room for large gatherings and activities, other smaller common areas and a large inner courtyard.

RM Sovich
Hencken & Gaines, Inc.
Total Cost

Complex Funding
Significant Site Constraints
Specialized Equipment

“Synthesis made sure that we ended up with Centers that meet the needs of our adults. I find them to be very intuitive about people needs. They ask good questions about programming requirements and then are able to put those in terms that the design and construction team can understand. They really can translate human service needs into design speak.

I would absolutely recommend Synthesis. It is like having a knowledgeable friend in the room.”

Marge Burba, Executive Director and Founder Winter Growth Adult Day Care and Assisted Living Centers