Project Description


Rockville, Maryland

The Support Center offers medical day services for frail and disabled adults unable to stay home by themselves.  These services include transportation, meals, nursing services and therapeutic recreational activities.

Located in the former Lone Oak Elementary School in Rockville, Maryland that had been previously redeveloped for use by various nonprofit organizations, this project renovated the Center’s original 7,000 square foot space and expanded into an additional adjacent space nearly doubling the facility to a total of 13,247 square feet. It also involved building envelope improvements to the portion of the former school building occupied by the Center.

The new facility includes activity rooms, classrooms, dining room and kitchen, a nurses station and staff offices.

Fry & Welch
Metropolitan Contracting
Total Cost

Adaptive Reuse
Complex Funding
Public-Private Partnership
Occupied Buildings
Phased Construction
Significant Site Constraints