Some of our clients have renovated facilities on their existing sites.  Others have required our assistance in identifying acceptable new locations and performing the work necessary to lease/acquire and develop the new sites.

For one church-affiliated school, we evaluated a number of alternative sites for expansion which, due to a number of constraints, could not be contiguous to the existing church site. We negotiated an agreement with the heirs of a nearby estate to acquire a larger parcel than needed and then managed development of the land through the subdivision process to create a 15-acre parcel for our school client, a residential subdivision and a public park. In addition to managing our client’s building project, we managed development of the roads and public utilities required to serve all three parcels.

We worked with Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center in Howard County to identify and evaluate a number of alternative sites in the area. Its existing old and inadequate facility was on a lot that was considered too small to meet the requirements for a renovated and expanded facility. Unfortunately, due to NIMBY (“not in my backyard”) issues, local residents in each case opposed and prevented the move. Grassroots decided to revisit the option of using its existing site which was County-owned. Working closely with the Architect, County, school system and Grassroots, a solution was identified that involved modifying the program for the building, obtaining variances for some zoning requirements and obtaining a small parcel from the adjacent high school to provide adequate parking space.

For the University of Maryland Medical System’s “UniversityCare” program, Synthesis found and negotiated the acquisition of several sites in West Baltimore for the program’s community health care clinics. We then managed the adaptive re-use of a portion of a shopping center, the first floor of a garage and a restaurant building to meet the needs of the client.