All of our projects have a “move-in” day.  We have managed moves of up to 10,000 personnel for a single organization. We understand what has to be done. Any move is a multifaceted process that depends on thoughtful and comprehensive planning, coordination and execution.   

Synthesis has also provided a full range of relocation services as part of our overall support on building projects.  In some cases, interim moves may be required.  These services are always performed in close cooperation with the owner, with the owner’s staff often taking responsibility for certain parts of the process.    

Our services may include:

  • Developing a preliminary draft of the general relocation plan and schedule.
  • Communicating with occupants through notification letters, general meetings, posted signs, etc.  One or two general meetings may be held to describe general preliminary plans, hear concerns and occupant feedback and then to describe the final plan and schedule.  With individual occupants, we would eventually discuss expectations, limitations and schedules related to the moves.  On some projects, we have encouraged the formation of a committee(s) to address specific aspects of the move including communication.
  • Soliciting and evaluating proposals from moving contractors.  Recommending the selection of a moving contractor.  Establishing the general contract terms and conditions with the mover.
  • Oversight of the movers starting with occupant preparation for packing and moving and finishing with unpacking in new locations.  Often the owner takes a major role in this function.
  • Prior to the move, meetings at the new location with supervisors may be helpful to acclimate them to the new location and identify potential move issues.