On most of our projects, the process of obtaining the building permit is assigned to either the architect or the builder.  If a site plan approval is needed, the civil engineer usually takes the lead. 

Synthesis ensures that the permitting process is factored into the schedule and that assignments are carried out in a timely manner by the project team members.  Synthesis works with the owner, the design team and builder and interfaces with the local jurisdiction and others as needed to obtain early input on key design concepts and specific requirements for permit drawing submittals. 

In addition, we monitor the progression of the application through the permitting process to avoid unnecessary delays in issuance of building and occupancy permits.  If any building code issues are identified that would present obstacles to the planned construction, Synthesis is active in resolving those issues and identifying solutions that work for all parties. 

The builders and their subcontractors are responsible for obtaining the individual trade permits (e.g., electrical permits, plumbing permits, etc.) and ensuring that required inspection processes are followed for their portion of the work.