Our Project Managers come from diverse backgrounds that include working with larger institutions with multiple buildings on a single property or campus, and even those with buildings spread out within the region.  We have applied the experience of our Project Managers to help our clients develop long range master plans to address the special challenges they face in multiple building or campus situations.  Medical facilities, colleges, educational institutions, churches and others have benefited from our planning and project management capabilities.

While the implementation stage of projects on campuses is very similar to the requirements for constructing individual buildings on individual lots, the planning aspects of campuses presents a different set of problems. 

Synthesis assists the project owner by managing various planning functions including:

  • Develop an inventory of existing facilities
  • Perform facility assessments and condition surveys
  • Identify zoning and other regulatory agency requirements/constraints
  • Perform demand forecasting, including user surveys
  • Analyze the capacity of existing facilities
  • Identify and evaluate development options
  • Cost analysis
  • Environmental assessments
  • Economic analyses
  • Sustainability investigations
  • Traffic and pedestrian circulation studies
  • Select and sequence specific projects