Because most of our clients are non-profits, Synthesis has helped nearly all of them with some aspect of obtaining the funds to cover the cost of their building projects.  A list of the general kinds of financing our clients have used is shown below.

Most projects have involved multiple layers of funding with many parties such as commercial bank bridge loans packaged with tax credits or foundation grants requiring matching funds.  Some funding sources, such as government grants or tax credits, have complicated multi-phase application processes.  Each funding source has its own unique reporting requirements with firm deadlines during and at completion of the project.  All of them require careful management and coordination.

We can help identify financing sources tailored to a project’s specific needs and provide comparative analyses of different financial packages.  We have organized and managed proposal solicitations from lending institutions, helped pull applications together, reviewed and negotiated loan documents and brought them to closing.  We also help establish a draw schedule, prepare draw requests and coordinate the preparation of related performance reports.

Often, clients are required to submit additional supporting documents that involve separate solicitation, review and negotiation.  These can include appraisals, environmental assessments and zoning opinions. 


  • Private Donations
  • Federal Grants
  • Grants from Foundations
  • State Grants
  • Capital Campaigns
  • City Grants
  • Federal Historic Tax Credits
  • State Bonds
  • State Historic Tax Credits
  • Federal Housing Program Funds
  • Federal New Market Tax Credits
  • Taxable Bank Loans
  • Tax-Exempt Bank Loans