Not all potential projects as initially conceived are viable projects.  Synthesis helps our clients determine the feasibility of their proposed project before they proceed too far down the path.  In some cases, after we have identified the constraints that stand in the way of a project, we have aided our clients in determining solutions to allow the project to move forward.

We have found that documenting the vision, program, technical requirements and stakeholders’ expectations, is an essential first step.  Synthesis then works with the client’s development team to develop a written project plan encompassing the results of the following analyses: 

  • Refine project definition (confirm project objectives, prepare preliminary space program)
  • Identify and evaluate potential sites (vis a vis the program, budget and schedule objectives)
  • Confirm the feasibility of conceptual site and building plans (assess functional efficiency, capacity, marketability and zoning compliance)
  • Confirm project financing (manage and/or prepare construction cost estimate, preliminary financing pro forma, market assessment, business plan, contracts with prospective lenders and investors)
  • Prepare project development schedule