Synthesis visits the project site regularly during the construction period.  Depending on the stage of construction and the level of activity, we may visit daily or at least once a week coincident with progress meetings.  This does not substitute for the site visits and the contract administration function of the design team, nor does it remove any obligation of the contractor to provide adequate supervision of the work.  As Owner’s Representatives, we protect the client’s interest by observing the construction status, identifying potential problems, promptly addressing developing issues and facilitating timely decisions on behalf of the owner. 

If any member of the Synthesis team observes potential problems during construction, we will immediately address and remedy these issues with the contractor and the architect.

Other construction monitoring functions performed by Synthesis include:

  • Attending periodic progress meetings weekly or bi-weekly
  • Reviewing and making recommendations on proposed change orders
  • Reviewing payment requests by contractor
  • Organizing system commissioning
  • Scheduling owner training sessions

The project and our involvement continues after substantial completion of construction and equipment start-up.  Synthesis remains involved to follow-up on punch list items, completion of as-built drawings, warranty issues, receipt of O&M documentation, receipt of attic stock, final acceptance of the project and to process final payment applications.  This close-out phase is expected to last several months after the architect certifies “Substantial Completion.”

The Punch List process ensures that all the details associated with a finished, quality project are executed in accordance with industry standards and the Construction Documents (CDs).  One or more site visits are scheduled with the architect and engineers, the contractor and Synthesis to go through the facility and site, room by room, system by system and area by area.  Any defects or variances from the CDs are identified and put on a punch list maintained by the architect.  The contractor makes any corrections to the work to address all of the list items.   Synthesis participates and monitors this process through completion.